Field Services


Biogas produced from anaerobic digestion is typically wet, dirty, and contains corrosive elements such as hydrogen sulfide. The gas is flammable and provides a potential safety hazard if not handled properly. These unique properties of biogas require special consideration when designing a gas handling system, especially in regards to maintainability and safe operation under all conditions of the anaerobic process.

Varec Biogas, the leading total solutions provider of biogas safety and handling equipment, offers on-site field expertise.

Service Options

  • Site Surveys – Field Service Engineers will survey your existing biogas system and provide a comprehensive report that includes troubleshooting, rehabilitation and/or upgrades
  • Training – Operator and Maintenance training of Varec Biogas equipment on-site
  • Start-Up – Installation inspection of Varec Biogas equipment prior to commissioning and start-up
  • Maintenance/ Preventive Maintenance – Field Service Engineers are available for periodic maintenance