5000 / 5010 Series Flame Arrester

5000 / 5010 Series Flame Arrester


The 5000/ 5010 Series Flame Arresters are used in gas piping systems or digester covers. They are designed to stop the propagation of flame (Group “D” gases) from external sources and can be mounted up to 15 feet upstream of the ignition source in accordance with UL Approval; or 10 pipe diameters in accordance with FM approval requirements.

The 5000 Series is for vertical installation while the 5010 Series can be installed in either horizontal or vertical positions.


  • Removable cover plate and extensible bank assembly for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Three to four times net free area through bank
  • UL approved
  • Heavy wall cast housing in 356 T6 aluminum, carbon steel, or 316 SS