2592 Series Cover Position Indicator Gaugehead Type

2592 Series
Cover Position Indicator Gaugehead Type


The 2592 Series Cover Position Indicator is designed for use with vertically-guided or spirally-guided floating digester and gas storage/holder covers. The unit incorporates the use of a gaugehead to continuously monitor the position of floating covers. Plant operators can easily monitor cover position at eye-level, which provides an indication to the current status of the digester or gas storage/holder. This includes the addition of raw solids, withdrawal of liquor or digested solids, and changes in gas storage volume. Spirally-guided cover position indicators require a current output transmitter and a local display for proper cover position indication. Refer to the 8200 Series Current Output Transmitter for additional information.


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Guagehead mounts at eye-level and is easily readable
  • Optional transmitter provides for remote read-out
  • Switches available for high and low alarm