239A - 240 H-O-A Waste Gas Burner / Manual Ignition System

239A/ 240 H-O-A Series
Waste Gas Burner and Manual Ignition System


The 239A Series Waste Gas Burner is designed for burning low volumes of biogas generated in the anaerobic digestion process. The biogas is ignited by passing through a “curtain of flame” which reduces the potential of odor nuisance from venting directly to the atmosphere.

The 240 H-O-A Manual Ignition System is designed for use with the 239A Series Waste Gas Burner. The unit provides a manually-initiated ignition spark and a provision to continuously cycle the spark on and off. Together, the flare and ignition system offers easy maintenance and operation when burning excess waste gas is required.


  • “Curtain of Flame” Ring-Type Pilot
  • 304SS pilot orifices
  • Separable mounting base
  • UL approved NEMA 4/ 4x control panels