235 Series Gas Purifier

235 Series Gas Purifier


Biogas is generated by the anaerobic digestion of organic solids that contain small amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). It is produced in anaerobic digesters, lagoons, and municipal landfills. Although the total percentage of H2S in biogas is relatively small, it is often sufficient enough to corrode metals and damage equipment. This can create maintenance and operational problems especially in plants where the biogas is recovered to fuel engine-generators or boilers.

In addition to corrosion problems, H2S is a toxic air pollutant that can create a severe odor nuisance in minute concentrations. The treatment of biogas for removal of sulfur compounds has become increasingly important due to stringent regulations restricting sulfur emissions. The 235 Series Gas Purifier is designed as a cost effective method for H2S removal.


  • Double compartment
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Drain connections
  • Gas tight cover seal
  • Continuous Regeneration Optional