217 Series Well-Tube Manometer

217 Series Well-Type Manometer

The 217 Series Well-Type Manometer is a direct reading, single tube type pressure gauge, which provides both long-term reliability and high precision for accurate pressure measurement. This is extremely important in a low-pressure waste gas system because it is an indication of digester efficiency. The 217 Series should be installed in waste gas piping wherever local pressure, vacuum, or differential pressure measurement is required. Recommended locations are:

• Gas lines leading from digesters and low pressure gas holders.

• Gas lines leading to boilers, engines, and other plant utilities.

• Upstream of the pressure regulator installed immediately upstream of the waste gas burner.


  • Range 0-30” WC
  • External scale adjustment.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Pressure, vacuum or differential pressure
  • Optional metric reading available.
  • Extruded aluminum with epoxy paint finish material of construction.