42 Sampling and Gauging Hatch Cover

The VAREC 42 Series Hatch Covers are installed on tanks to provide access for gauging, temperature measurement or sampling. The Hatch Covers are provided with a lockdown device that allows for a gas-tight seal up to 3 psig [20.7 kPa]. For ease of use, the lockdown device includes an ergonomically friendly handwheel.

A padlock feature is incorporated to prevent unauthorized tank access through the hatch. In addition, the VAREC 42 Series Hatch Covers include a foot pedal to open the cover, enabling the operator free use of both hands while gauging or sampling the tank contents.

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    • Sizes 4” through 10”
    • Handwheel with padlock feature.
    • Non-sparking design.
    • Corrosion resistant 356 HT aluminum.
    • Safety foot pedal.
    • BUNA-N, Viton® or Teflon® inserts.