247/D High Pressure Manual Drip Trap

Condensate removal from gas piping systems is necessary to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion or water hammer. In addition, water lying in low spots in piping can restrict gas flow resulting in increased pressure drop within the system. In addition to all low spots, Varec Biogas drip traps should be installed frequently along horizontal piping runs for convenient removal of accumulated condensate.

The Varec Biogas 247 Series Drip Trap is suitable for working pressures up to
100 psig (688 kPa). For systems with lower pressure ratings, see the product data sheet for Varec Biogas 246 Series Low Pressure Drip Traps.

The 247D Low Profile High Pressure Drip Trap is also rated for a maximum working pressure of 100 psig (688 kPa). This unit is typically installed at low points in the gas piping downstream of boosters or compressors. The 247D is ideal for blower and compressor skids because it can be installed low to the ground while providing a larger reservoir for condensate collection. It is also perfect for use with multi-stage compressors where the water must be drained from two chambers with different pressures.

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    • Double - Seal Ball Plug Valves
    • Low Profile, Dual Chamber Design
    • 100 PSIG (688 kPa) Working Pressure
    • 4, 6 Quart Capacity Reservoir and Dual Chamber 10Q, 15Q and 20Q Capacity
    • Locking Lever Secures Handle Position
    • All 316 SS Option Available