246AT Low Pressure Drip Trap with Electric Actuator

The Varec Biogas Series 246AT Drip Traps are designed for automatic and safe collection of condensate from the gas. This unit is ideal for installation in confined spaces and Class1, Divisions 1 or 2 rated areas.

The Series 246AT Drip Trap is suitable for working pressures up to 5 psig (34.5 kPa). For systems with higher pressure ratings, see the product data sheet for Varec Biogas 247AT Series High Pressure Drip Traps.

  • 246at
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    • Corrosion resistant aluminum.
    • Positive seal against gas escape.
    • 2.5 and 6 quart reservoir capacity.
    • UL Approved Control Panel for Remote Operation of multiple electric actuated drip traps (Optional).