244E Enclosed Waste Gas Burner

The Varec Biogas 244E Enclosed Burner Systems are designed to burn biogas efficiently and safely over a wide range of operating parameters. With no visible flame, the 244E systems use an innovative stack design to naturally induce the proper amount of combustion air which guarantees high destruction removal efficiency.

The design of the 244E allows for complete combustion of the digester gas or landfill gas. The unique stack design takes advantage of the natural draft properties of the combustion process to draw in the correct amount of air necessary to provide complete combustion. This is all done without the need for motorized dampers and complicated control systems. Independent tests have shown Destruction Removal Efficiencies (DRE) in excess of 99% and low NOX and CO emissions.

The 244E enclosed burner system is not a time and temperature based flare. Its design is constructed to allow combustion air to be naturally inspirated and obtain the proper air-gas mixture, thus achieving the optimum operating temperature necessary for complete combustion to occur. The 244E’s innovative combustion stack design eliminates the need for refractory lining and insulation to protect the chamber of high temperatures since cooling air is naturally induced in the stack section openings. This also eliminates the need for heat shields and structures.

The 244E Enclosed Burner System is cost effective and its design makes for easy and reliable operation and

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    • No visible flame
    • Infinite turn down ratio - The design allows biogas combustion without limiting the gas flow range
    • No motorized or manual dampers required to bring in combustion air.
    • Destruction Removal Efficiencies (DRE) in excess of 99%. Low NOX and CO emissions
    • No refractory lining or insulation required
    • Smaller footprint
    • Utilizes the same efficient and reliable 244W flamefront technology or pilot ignition
    • HMI Touchscreen panel standard on NEMA 4X control panel.
    • thermocouple and UV Scanner for pilot flame monitoring