7100B Pressure (Explosion) Relief Valve

The Varec 7100B Series Pressure Relief Valve is intended for use on liquid storage tanks and vapor recovery systems where excess pressure may cause damage or permanent deformation to the tank and where leakage of product must be minimized. The wide range of materials and sizes allows its use in virtually any application encountered in the typical tank farm or liquid storage facility. Flow curves are available to assist you in selecting the proper size for your pressure venting requirements. In addition, Varec's applications engineering staff and factory trained representatives are always available to assist you.

In climates with extremes of hot, humid weather and freezing winter conditions, an "All- Weather" option is offered. This design features a special non- frosting and icing resistant coating on the pallet perimeter and stem, guide posts and tip of seat ring. This coating, along with the flexible Teflon seat insert, provides additional protection against pallets freezing closed. For high temperature and chemical applications, Varec recommends the extended service option. This option features Teflon or viton o-ring and gaskets.

The Varec 7100B Series valve features a pallet drip ring and self draining housing to protect the seating surface from condensate and freezing. The pallet is side and center guided for reliability and stability, and is less likely to bind than hinged pallets. The valve includes an air-cushion Teflon seat insert for the tightest seal available. The port area is oversized to provide maximum flow capacity. Model 7100B vents to atmosphere. For outlet flange option, please refer to 3650B model.

The Varec 7100B Series is a dead weight loaded valve which utilizes weights proportional to the pallet surface area to achieve the desired setting. The "air- cushion" seating design keeps the valve tightly sealed until the pressure inside the tank approaches the valve setting. Model 7100B is part of Varec's modular product offering which uses interchangeable components for assembling a variety of functional configurations. This modular design provides flexibility of field installation and allows the valve to be re- configured, repaired and even upgraded on-site by simply replacing or adding components.

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    • Oversized Port for Maximum Flow
    • "Air Cushion" Seating for Lowest Available Leakage for Weight loaded Valves
    • "All-Weather" Option
    • Wide Range of Materials Available for Service in Most Applications
    • Replaceable Seat Ring for Ease of Maintenance
    • Center and Side Guided Pallet
    • Pressure Settings to 2 PSIG (0.14 barg)
    • Leakage Rate of 1 SCFH (0.03 Nm3/hr) or Less at 90% of Setpoint
    • 2” - 12” [50 - 300 mm] Sizes Available