440 Pressure Relief and Flame Trap Assembly

The Varec Biogas 440 Series Pressure Relief Assembly combines the 386 Series Back Pressure Relief Valve and the 5010 Series Flame Arrester with a thermal shut-off bypass valve integrated into the unit. The wide range of sizes allows its use in many applications encountered in the typical tank farm, liquid storage facility or biogas control lines.

The Varec Biogas 440 Series is designed to control upstream pressure while protecting vapor recovery systems and waste gas piping systems from flashback fires. The assembly should be installed just upstream of a waste gas burner, in a horizontal section of pipe.

Flow curves are provided to assist you in selecting the proper size unit for your application requirements. In addition, Varec Biogas’s applications engineering staff and factory-trained representatives are always available to assist you.

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    • Large Diaphragm for Sensitive
    • Spring Loaded for Easy Adjustment.
    • Corrosion Resistant Low Copper
    • Easily Adjustable Setting for Fine Tuning in the Field
    • Unique Design Allows for Cleaning of Element
    • Removable/ replaceable bank assembly without the use of jack screws
    • Spring actuated thermal valve
    • NPT drain plug available
    • 3-way solenoid valve option for added safety