246 Low Pressure Manual Drip Trap

The Varec Biogas 246 Series Drip Traps are designed for the manual collection and safe removal of condensate from gas. Condensate removal from gas piping systems is necessary to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion or water hammer. In addition, water lying in low spots in the pipe can restrict gas flow resulting in increased pressure drop. Varec Biogas drip traps should be installed at all low points in horizontal pipe runs for convenient removal of accumulated condensate.

The Series 246 Drip Trap is suitable for working pressures up to 5 psig (34.5 kPa). For systems with higher pressure ratings, see the product data sheet for Varec Biogas 247 Series High Pressure Drip Traps.

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    • Corrosion resistant aluminum.
    • Positive seal against gas escape.
    • 2.5 and 6 quart reservoir capacity.
    • 5 PSIG working pressure.
    • Manual operation.